Why Should You Work With a Homebuyer Company?

When thinking about selling your house, you immediately assume two options: selling by yourself or hiring a real estate agent. But you have a third option that is actually changing the home seller’s life by providing an effective and straightforward solution. 

Let’s explore the basics and benefits of real estate’s latest trend: home buying companies. 

Why a Home Buying Company?

A home buying company is committed to buying houses, no matter their condition. They offer a fast-selling experience that no other buyer or realtor can guarantee. Here’s a list of some of the many benefits that home buyers offer:

Quick Process

As we mentioned before, a home buying company is known for its efficiency, and its main benefit is the fast cash offer. If your house meets their criteria, you’ll receive a no-obligation proposal in 24 hours or less.

No Commission 

Even though realtors can sell your home for a good price, having a realtor involves high fees. When hiring a real estate agent, you’re expected to pay around 6% of your house’s price. 

Besides, you have to take care of other selling costs, such as closing costs, which can be about 1-3% of your home’s price. With a home buying company, you won’t have to worry about paying high fees and closing costs.

No Fixing and Cleaning 

Selling your house often involves repairs: fixing and cleaning are essential to make a good impression. Commonly, homeowners spend thousands of dollars in repairs and renovations because a long list of maintenance is not a good idea for the negotiation process. Keep in mind that if you decide to ignore these repairs, your house’s value will decrease. 

One of the greatest advantages is that homebuyers are willing to buy your house no matter their condition, therefore, you don’t have to clean or make any repairs. And, if you don’t have the funds or time, they’re a perfect choice. 

How It Works 

Commonly, a home buying company works following this quick and easy process:

Make Contact

Call the home buying company you’re interested in and let them know about your house. They’ll ask questions related to the property and its location. You also have the option to fill out a short form on their website and then, they’ll contact you for more information.   

The House’s Evaluation

After talking to you and scheduling an appointment, they’ll come to your home and take a quick look.

No-Obligation Contract 

In 24 hours or less, you’ll receive a no-obligation offer from them. If you accept the deal, you’ll have cash in hand in just a few days, but if you need more time to think about it, home buying companies are flexible — some can wait up to six months for a response. 

Close the Deal

When accepting the contract, you and the home buying company will proceed to close the deal at a local title company.

Tips for Choosing a Homebuyer Company 

Choosing the right home buying company is important to earn more profit. Here are four tips for selling your house fast and efficiently to get the best cash offer. 

Research Home Buying Companies Near You

There are many types of home buying companies, and you should choose based on your home’s aspects and location. Let’s learn about some of them.

  • Online Home Buying Companies: Also known as iBuyers. They make unseen home offers.
  • Local Home Buying Companies: They’re interested in investing and buying houses in the same area or community. Typically, they visit the property and do a lot of research before providing the cash offer.

We advise contacting local companies because they know the area and the regional legislation, and they can offer you a more fair offer than iBuyers.

Check References 

The best way to know a company is by browsing their website and checking their reviews and references. We advise you to look at their social media too. 

Be Honest 

Homebuyers don’t care about your house’s condition, and they’ll buy it if it suits their requirements. Therefore, you can be honest with them and tell them about any major repairs needed. They’re understanding, so don’t hide important information. 

Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about these expenses, since home buyers don’t require you to spend thousands of dollars on renovations.

Take the First Step 

Don’t be afraid of taking the first step and call them if you think they’re a good fit. Homebuyers are always looking for new properties, so your call will be good news for them. They can adapt to your schedule and answer any questions.

If you’re interested in selling your home in Kansas City, contact KC Property Connection. We buy houses and will provide you with a fair cash offer in less than 24 hours.