Sell My House Fast In Springfield

If you find yourself wanting to sell your home, at KC Property Connections, we want you to know that listing your house with a common real estate agent is not your only option. As professional home buyers, at KC, we offer to buy your house fast and easy, providing you cash for it. If you have been thinking, “I want to sell my house fast in Springfield,” we are the ones to help you.


How We Differentiate From Other Agents

As we mentioned earlier, listing your house with a real estate agent is not your only option. At KC Property Connections, we differentiate from other agents for countless reasons. We aim to be your best option by offering plenty of benefits. 

Commissions, Fees, and Closing Costs

When listing your house with an agent, you will likely pay about 6% in commissions. With KC Property Connection, there are no fees or commissions to pay. We also get in charge of all the closing costs. With an agent, the seller will pay 1-3% in closing costs.  

Average Days Until Sold

Listing your house with an agent can lead to selling your home in a long term period. Houses can be on the market for over a hundred days. Our KC agents can make you an offer immediately, right after the house visit.

Closing Date

While with an agent, you close in four to eight weeks after accepting an offer, with KC, we close in as little as seven days or less. Or you can even get to choose the closing date yourself. 

Dealing With Home Repairs

When you list your home with an agent, the repairs your home requires are negotiated after the inspection and appraisals have been completed. In our case, KC gets in charge of all the repairs and cleaning your house may need, saving you all the hassle. 

Sell Your House As-Is

At KC Property Connections, we want to save you time and money. If efficiency is what you are looking for when selling your house, we can do it by buying it as-is. You do not have to worry about fixing your home first before selling it. Even if your house needs cleaning, you won’t have to deal with that either. We will get in charge no matter its conditions.