Cash for Houses in Lawrence, KS

When selling a house and having debts things can get stressing, the process is much longer than what you might think of and there are many things you usually need to take care of, like doing repairs, paying fees and commissions if you have an agent helping you, cleaning and making it look perfect before listing it, and more.

On many occasions, it’s just better not to deal with all the things selling a house requires especially when you need to sell fast due to back payments of your loan and when in the risk of foreclosure. Getting paid in cash will empower you to take care of your debts faster. KC Property Connection can help you and pay you in cash for your Lawrence house.


Why Selling to KC Property Connection

We understand how stressing it can get to sell a house under pressure, we have been the solution for many Lawrence homeowners who need cash fast for their homes to pay their debts. Unlike a real estate agency we don’t list your house as we are the actual buyers. We are home investors that have enough equity to buy any size or type of property, we carry as well numerous benefits including but not limited:

  • Cover for all repairs needed, which means we buy your house regardless of its condition.
  • You don’t sign any type of contract, compromising you to pay fees or commissions.
  • No need to get an appraisal
  • You get to choose the closing date of your preference
  • We cover all closing costs
  • No need to deal with banks or any sort of paperwork, we take care of everything
  • We pay in cash

Get A Cash Offer 

We do our best to answer all the messages and get you a cash offer in less than 24 hours, but if you give us a call we can sometimes get you an offer in less time. We are focused on customer service and all of our agents are prepared to answer questions or doubts.

For over 15 years we have been the solution for Lawrence residents.