Sell Your Kansas City House: Home Buyers vs Agents

Homeowners move, on average, every five to seven years. Personal, home-related, financial reasons are just a few of the motives that can lead to deciding to sell your house in Kansas City. However, not everyone moves because of the same reasons. For some, the reason why they are leaving might be the exact reason for others to stay. 

Common Reasons For Selling Your Home

The right time to sell your home is when you start questioning whether or not it still fits your necessities and desires. If you doubt it, then take it as a sign that it is no longer the right home for you. Let’s explore the most common reasons homeowners sell their house in Kansas City. 

Personal reasons

Moving because of a new job offer: New jobs sometimes require moving to a new city. However, sometimes people move within the same city to avoid traffic. 

To be closer to family: Many people decide to move to be close to their families, which usually happens when aging. 

Change in priorities: Homeowners are making new things a priority, such as retiring to travel the world.

Home-related reasons

Neighborhood: As people keep moving around, neighborhoods might become lonely, deadly silent, and not as appealing as it used to be. 

House upgrade or downgrade: This situation applies to families that are increasing in size and need more space. Likewise, when kids grow and leave, some parents suffer empty nests and move to a smaller house.

Looking for something new: If you want a more oversized backyard, pool, or other amenities that might not fit in your current home. 

Unexpected reasons

Death in the family: When a family member dies, the house starts to feel too big with the emptiness this person left.

Changes in relationships: Typically for newlyweds or divorced people. 

Financial reasons

Sometimes when homeowners’ income suffers a drastic change, they are forced to look for a more affordable place. People can afford a bigger home due to their success, so they decide to get a more expensive home. 

Financial hardships are  many times unexpected, but always extremely hard to deal with. Families experienced drastic changes in their lives and feelings of stress, loss, uncertainty, and sadness. They are forced to do anything that is necessary to ensure some economic stability.

People who are dealing with financial hardships are looking to sell their homes quickly and easily. Most importantly, for an option that will help them avoid fees, commissions, holding, or any other additional costs.  

Home Buyers or Real Estate Agents?

Many homeowners are uncertain whether to use a home buyer or selling agent when selling their house. Therefore, it is essential to know the differences between them and the pros and cons of using either one. 

Home Buyers

When you work with home buyers, you will save time and money, which is crucial in this process. Homebuyers don’t charge commissions, fees, or closing costs. When it comes to appraisals, inspection, and financing contingency, they are not required. 

Additionally, if your property requires repairs or updates to improve its overall condition, you don’t have to worry about doing them. Home buyers will buy your house as-is, which will make the entire process cheaper and more comfortable for you. Lastly, you can choose a closing date for your home.

Real Estate Agents

If you decide to sell your house in Kansas City through a selling agent, be prepared for some additional costs. You will have to pay your selling agent its commissions and fees and closing costs. Likewise, if your house needs updates or repairs, you will have to make those changes to have your home ready for sale. 

Appraisals, inspection, and financing contingency are required for lenders; a significant downside about this is that as a result, sales usually fall. You should expect a closing date about 4-8 weeks after you have accepted the offer with a selling agent. 

Keep in mind that if you are selling your house through a selling agent is that since you are not getting an immediate offer, your home will remain on the market until someone buys it. In other words, your property can stay more than 100 days within the market, and the longer it takes to sell, the more expensive it will be for you. 

Don’t Pay Costs You Can Avoid

Sell your house in Kansas City quickly and with an excellent cash offer. KC Property Connection is the right decision for you. We will buy your home as-is and if there is anything you need us to take care of, we will. Don’t spend money you can save. 

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