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Are you looking for a way to sell your house fast and get the most value? If so, then you should consider selling it for cash. It’s not as rare of an event as you might think! 

Many people need to sell their homes quickly. This is especially true for those who have been recently divorced or experiencing financial hardship. Fortunately, plenty of companies specialize in buying houses without financing through what is called a “cash offer.” 

In this blog post, we will discuss what these types of offers entail and how they differ from other types of offers like with investors. You’ll also learn about some excellent cash home buyers in Kansas City, MO!

So let’s get started!

house in Kansas City for sale for Cash

How to Sell Your House for Cash in Kansas City

Selling a house for cash in Kansas City instead of selling a home without a realtor is a lot more common than you might think. Selling your home on the real estate market can be stressful, but selling it for cash can be the easiest way to sell your home quickly and get money in your pocket. 

So how does one go about selling your house for cash in Kansas City? Well, there are a few ways:

  • One way you can do this is by selling your home the traditional way, which means getting it ready to list, doing repairs, hiring a listing agent, and putting your house on the real estate market. The only difference is that the agent would add a stipulation that you’re only accepting a cash offer for your house. So the process is pretty similar, but your pool of potential buyers will be limited to buyers with only cash. Your house may be on the market for several weeks or several months before you get an offer on it, and then the transaction will include realtor commissions at closing and closing costs. 
  • Another way you can sell your house for cash is to work with a local cash home buyer. Although some people have misconceptions about selling their home to a home buyer finding a reputable one can provide several benefits that a traditional home sale just can’t offer, including a guaranteed offer within 24-hours, fast closings, no repairs required, no realtor commissions, and even help to cover closing costs. 

If you’re not sure if dealing with a cash buyer is right for you, talk to an expert for more information on the process and how it works.

Working with Cash Home Buyers

Working with a cash home buyer is definitely different than with a traditional buyer.

A cash home buyer is someone who offers to buy your house with cash without going through a traditional bank loan process. This type of transaction can happen within 5-7 days from start to finish. Because a cash home buyer doesn’t have to use bank financing, they can close much faster than a traditional buyer. They also will buy your house in as-is condition meaning no repairs are needed.

And because you’d be working directly with the cash home buyer, you won’t need to hire a listing agent and pay costly realtor commissions.

Besides offering speed, a cash home buyer is also great to work with if you face a unique selling situation. For example, most buyers don’t know how to handle a foreclosure situation, liens, code violations, bad tenants, or probate- while most home buyers are very familiar with these types of transactions and what they entail. 

Another thing to mention about cash home buyers is that they are very flexible and will work with your timeline. They also have no limitations on where they want to buy a house from, so if you live in Kansas City, MO, and want to sell your house for cash, no problem!

Ultimately, working with a cash home buyer is a great way to get out of a situation where you need the money fast and would prefer to avoid costly repairs and agent commissions.

We Buy Houses Reviews in Missouri

It’s important to work with a reputable home buying company in your area when it comes to selling your house. You may have heard the stories of homeowners who got scammed by a home buyer, which sadly, there are some scam artists out there. 

Fortunately, working with companies that buy houses in Kansas City vs. large multi-market companies offers many benefits including:

– Local, knowledgeable professionals on hand, just minutes away from where you live to offer you a quote and close on your home.

– You will receive an immediate cash offer for your house in 24 hours and close on your timeline because your convenience is their priority.

-Willingness to purchase your home no matter the location or condition. 

To help you narrow down your search for a reputable home buyer in your area, below are the top five homebuyers in Missouri reviewed for your convenience:

  1. KC Property Connection

KC Property Connection is one of the top-rated home buying companies in Missouri! They are a house buying company that offers cash for houses in Missouri and Kansas. Their top priority is being honest and transparent, so you can make the right decision for yourself about selling your home. In addition, they want to help others and love working with people to create positive solutions. “Our team is always here to walk you through solutions for selling your house and moving forward with your life.”

 KC Property Connection is a BBB accredited business and is registered within the state of Missouri and fully compliant home buyers. They also have 5-star Facebook and Google reviews. 

  1. Faithful Home Buyers KC

Faithful Home Buyers KC LLC is a real estate solutions company based out of Kansas City. They’re a family-owned business and focus on helping homeowners find solutions for their problems, whether they’re going through a foreclosure, can’t sell a property, or just need to sell their house for all kinds of reasons. They are BBB accredited and have a 4.2 on Google reviews and a 2.6 on Facebook reviews. 

  1. KC Property Guys

KC Property Guys is a Kansas City local turnkey real estate investment firm. They work with homeowners and real estate investors alike, specializing in traditional and creative housing solutions for homeowners, and all in one business is a box investment program for investors. They are BBB accredited and have positive Google reviews, no Facebook reviews at this time. 

  1. We Buy Cash KC

We Buy Houses KC has been in business for several years and is BBB accredited. Besides being cash home buyers they can also list your house on the MLS. They have a 4.8 Google review rating and no Facebook reviews at this time. 

  1. Smiley Houses LLC

Smiley Property Investments is a real estate solutions company based in Kansas City. They’re a family-owned business and focus on helping get real estate burdens off your back so you can get on with your life! They are not BBB accredited at this time and have a 4.8 Google review rating. 

Selling Your House for Cash vs. to An Investor

The difference between selling your house for cash and selling to an investor is basically the same. You can sell your house to a cash home buyer or a real estate investor, and the process and benefits are very similar. 

One noticeable difference is a real estate investor may be a single person or a group of investors. The person may also not live in your area but rather just buys investment properties there. 

A lot of times, cash home buyers and real estate investors are the same. They buy properties with cash then keep the house as an investment to renovate the home and rent it out. 

So whoever you end up working with, just make sure to ask questions, get things in writing, and learn more about their process. 

couple selling house to a cash home buyer

Things You Need to Know About Cash Home Buyers

It’s important to be careful when you’re looking for a cash home buyer. You might find one that is interested in giving you an offer but is not reputable and will only provide a low market value of your home. 

If a home buyer were to contact you and insist on buying your house sight unseen, that’s also a red flag. Furthermore, if you see any “We buy houses, fast cash” signs on the side of the road you probably shouldn’t call the number. 

The homebuyer you want to work with has a website, answers all your questions, puts things in writing, and makes you feel at ease.  

With this said, be sure that any company offering you cash for your house is reputable and trustworthy.

One way to do that is to see if they are a BBB accredited business. You can also check online to see what other experiences or reviews of the cash home buyer have been. If there are a lot of negative things, you might want to look for someone else who is willing and able to buy your house quickly.

The Cash House Buying Process in Missouri

If you’re interested in working with a cash home buyer, the process is really easy. You’ll first do some research, read reviews and narrow down your list of cash home buyers in Missouri that you’re interested in selling to. From there, you’ll want to take a look at their website. Is the website legit? Does it look professional? Is there an ‘About Us’ page with photos of the actual home buyer or buyers you’ll be selling to? Is the home buying company BBB accredited?

If you can answer yes to all those questions, you can move onto the next step in the process, which is contacting the company. Again, don’t, don’t agree to anything over the phone; just ask questions, get more information, and set up a time for them to view the property in person. After they view your home, they should present you with a FREE cash offer within 24-hours. From there, you should be under no obligation to accept the offer unless you want to.

If you do choose to accept, the only thing you’ll need to worry about is packing your belongings. They’ll take care of the rest, including cleaning out a hoarder’s house, repairs, and renovations. After that, you’ll just coordinate a closing date, and that’s basically it- so much simpler and less stressful than a typical home sale.

Final Thoughts

When you sell your house for cash, you can speak directly to a buyer when it comes to making the decision of what to do with your home. You can make sure that they will work with you on the timeline and move-out date. Additionally, a cash sale could mean that the closing process is much faster.

For more information on selling a house for cash, contact us today!

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