6 Reasons You May Think Twice About Selling Your Home With a Real Estate Agent

Once you have decided to sell your home, you then have to consider how you want to go about selling it. Especially if you have never sold a property before, you may be a bit confused about what to do next. Is selling your home as simple as calling a local realtor and letting him or her take it from there? 

Traditionally speaking, a real estate agent is the way to go, however, many first-time home sellers underestimate the price tag that comes with selling a home with a real estate agent. Keep reading to find out why you may think twice before listing your home with a real estate agent, and what you might want to do instead. 

What are The Disadvantages of Hiring a Real Estate Agent? 

Though a real estate agent can offer you many advantages, it’s important to assess all aspects of the deal. Possible disadvantages of hiring a real estate agent include the following. 

  1. Having To Pay Commissions 

Hiring an agent, especially an experienced, full-service one, is expensive. Prepare to pay an agent up to six percent of the price for which you sell your house. That’s six percent of the total sale price, not whatever profit you make on the sale, if you make any at all. 

Commissions end up taking a big chunk of potential profit out of your pocket and at times, making it unrealistic for many individuals who are financially struggling. 

  1. Being Just One Of Many Clients

Depending on how busy your agent is with other clients, your home may not get the attention it requires. You need to be assured of having an agent that will do his or her due diligence at every stage of the selling process. 

The busier your agent is, the more likely you will experience the frustration of not having all your calls returned in a timely manner, deadlines being missed, and deals falling through. 

  1. Having at Least One Middle Man 

Depending on whether your prospective buyer is also represented by an agent, any potential deal will have to go through possibly two intermediaries. This could facilitate a deal, or it could get in the way of its progress, depending on the skills and abilities of the agent or agent’s involved. 

  1. Being Depending on Someone Else’s Timeline 

You have your goals and priorities. You’ve established your ideal timeline. Hiring an agent introduces someone else’s timeline into the mix, one that may or may not conform to yours. If your agent does not devote the necessary time and effort, your home may sit on the market much longer than it needs to. 

Conversely, if your agent is eager to unload your home for whatever reason, he may make decisions that conflict with your goals in order to sell it faster.

  1. Not all Agents are The Same

This goes by saying that not all real estate agents have the same credentials, and not everyone is fully equipped with skills and knowledge necessary. Without digging into their history on recent sales, credentials, or how long they’ve been in the industry, you could run into someone who may interfere with maximizing your profit. 

  1. It Still Takes Time

While you’ll be paying a hefty price for listing your house with a real estate agent, there’s no guarantee you’ll find a buyer in the necessary amount of time. If you’re moving into a new place and are unable to get a buyer in the same time period, you could run the risk of paying a mortgage on two properties at the same time as well as maintenance and utility bills.

There’s a Better Way

Real estate agents can offer an array of expertise and industry knowledge, however, it may not always be the best path for everyone. If you’re looking to sell your house fast in Kansas City,  a cash offer may be what you need. A home buying company can offer you a simple and quick solution to your real estate problems by offering you cash for your home in Kansas. 

Regardless of the condition your house may be in, a home buying company will take it as-is, the best part is, you get to save the money, because the services are free of charge. 

Work With Your Local Kansas City Home Buyers

The process of selling a house is difficult enough, at KC Property Connection, we understand that selling your home with a real estate agent isn’t the ideal solution. 

If you’ve been wondering “how do i sell my house fast in Kansas City?”, look no further than KC Property Connection, we buy houses in Kansas City and will expertly solve any real estate related problem you may be facing. 


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