15 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Realtor

Many homeowners are considering selling their homes this year; whether it’s for an immediate need or for other reasons, the need is simply there. If you are one of them or if you are looking into buying a home, consider these 15 questions to ask when hiring a realtor to help you decide if a realtor and their service works best for your situation. Use this as your guide to better help with your decision-making along the way.

questions to ask when hiring a realtor

15 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Realtor

With an agent’s help, you can list your property on multiple websites and also take advantage of advertising in local newspapers, magazines, billboards, and social media sites like Facebook or Instagram. You may even be able to negotiate with buyers directly as well. Knowing how to navigate your way through this process is highly important so that any bumps you may encounter will not come as a surprise to you as compared to having no knowledge whatsoever. Go through these 15 questions to ask when hiring a realtor and start however you like.

1) Ask Who They Work With: Buyers or Sellers?

You can begin by asking your chosen realtor who they prefer working with: if they work strictly with buyers, sellers or if they can work with both. The majority of agents offer to do both since it significantly clears out their listings and portfolio. Commissions often play a great part in this setup, too, and a notable disadvantage to this is when an agent has a fiduciary duty to multiple parties and has thus prioritized a set of listings to show you as a buyer because of the urgency of those agreements or due to enticing commissions. Meaning they have chosen a limited number of properties to show you instead of presenting all other possibilities that suit your requisites, and only offering constrained avenues to market your home to your potential home buyers.

Though keep in mind how both “listing agents” and “buyer agents” each have specific skillsets even if they offer both buying and listing services where one may have a better selling portfolio than their buying portfolio over the other agent or vice versa.

This is essential to establish with your agent at the very beginning because this will come in handy if you want to sell your house fast in Kansas City. You would generally need the help of an agent who does selling houses better than buying them.

2) Ask About Their Availability

You will ideally want to work with the right agent or realtor who can work with you or around your schedule and not the other way around. Some agents have set work days or showings targeted on weekdays and if you are one who prefers seeing listings on weekends, this setup may not work well for your needs. Communicate your situation and make both your availability clear with each other to see if working with them is the right match for how you want to go about the hunt moving forward. You also would want to check on how soon they can get back to your concerns if it’s within reasonable timeframes because nobody really likes to wait for a couple of days for answers to important inquiries.

3) Do They Work Full-time?

Do They Work Full Time

Following their availability, an agent who works part-time may not be fully able to meet your scheduled requirements all the time which entails for you to work around their time and not yours – especially when they also have their main careers to take care of. Full-time agents however are more than capable of giving you an up-to-date understanding of the market in your area.

4) Do They Work Locally in Your Area?

Speaking of the market in your area, an agent working locally can have more insider knowledge about the ins and outs of the community and information like where to get the best donuts in town, who the local barber is, and whether there would be a farmer’s market weekend and all that insider scoop that lets you in and have a feel of where you will soon live. Another plus to having an agent locally or an investor who can get cash for houses in Kansas City is how easily they can arrange appointments to meet with you regardless if it’s a weekday, a weekend, or any convenient scheduled time for both parties. Even better when they work full-time.

5) What Will They Do For You?

One of the most important things to consider is how they will sell your home. You need to get key information on the edge they can give your home over other realtors to make the sale more appealing to future home buyers. You also need to know if you can carry out repairs yourself before you sell and what other services they offer, like home staging, open houses, and lock-boxes that will easily help speed up the sale.

6) What Makes Them Different from Other Realtors?

No two agents will sell homes for exactly the same fees and in the same way. Their different selling strategies and skills should be their unique selling point, like focusing on price reductions and presenting multiple offers while another is on marketing your home on social media sites like Craigslist and Facebook and all other platforms that lead you closer to your potential buyer. Any realtor whom you see has more to offer and suits your needs is always a great consideration.

7) Do Their Agents Have Enough Experience?

A good realtor will sell a home in any market, given the right preparation and marketing. However, when there’s a glut of similar properties on the market, this can be harder to do. When you are a first-time home buyer or seller and have no clue where to start, it would be valuable to work with an agent who is seasoned and experienced enough to bring up points you may have missed so that someone skilled can guide you in the process. Though it really depends on your preference since someone starting out as an agent can still merit your time.

8) Have They Worked in This Area Before?

Whether selling or buying properties with clients, an agent with any experience in a given community somehow has a good grasp of how that neighborhood is like as well as the following points below. It would be beneficial to you if they can tell you:

      • What a standard home is like in a specific area
      • The rate that homes go on and off the market in that specific area
      • How much a property (roughly) appraises in that specific area 

9) Do They Work With a Team?

Established agents often work with teams since it ensures there is more than one person looking into different aspects of a project. As communication is key, it is a non-negotiable point to leave you (as a client) without any updates.

10) What Charges Do You Need to Know About?

When selling a home, the home seller typically pays 3% to the listing agent and another 3% to the buyer agent (a total of 6% in agent fees), plus closing costs and fees, and seller concessions (which is inspection items) for items they want to be fixed. Normally it works out to about 10% in overall fees to sell a house with all that factored in.


A home sold for $300,000 gets $18,000 (or 6%) in agent fees. Still, a hefty amount a home seller could benefit from. But depending on where you are selling, you may still be able to negotiate the fees with your chosen realtor or choose a local home buying company like KC Property Connection and get the best value for your home.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, these are commonly the fees that you have to consider from the sale of your home when seeking the services of a realtor versus seeking a private investor.

11) Ask if You Can Check Out Their Portfolio

Experienced realtors can readily have their agents present you with their portfolio of previous projects and clients whom they have worked with as part of building their trust with you. You may also do your own checks to know more about the company by viewing online reviews of the agent and or the realtor itself and how they were able to satisfy former clients.

12) Do They Handle Short Sales In Kansas City?

The realtor or the broker that you are considering has to have a certain level of expertise concerning short sales. While the concept of a short sale is simple, it can be quite complicated in practice and hence may require an agent who knows what he or she is doing.

13) How Long Have They Been Selling Houses?

Realtors or local home buying companies that have longer years of experience are likely to sell houses faster than new agents. This is because they have dealt with situations like refinances, short sales, and cash for houses Kansas City deals in the past; not to mention they know how all of these work which enables them to sell your house fast in Kansas City.

14) What is Their Average Sell Time for Similar Homes Like Mine?

This is an important question to ask when looking for a sell my house fast Kansas City service. A good answer will be around the same sell time as yours, which means you will sell faster than homes that sell in more than 180 days.

15) Are You Licensed, Bonded, and Insured?

You should always confirm if the realtor or cash buyers are licensed to operate to warrant legal services with you. This allows you to sell your home with peace of mind and get cash for houses in Kansas City.

These are just some checkpoints that you can go by when hiring a realtor who can help you with the sale of your home. Selling a house can take time, but if you want to sell fast and sell right, you shouldn’t have to wait long when you hire an experienced realtor who knows what they are doing. Use these 15 questions to ask when hiring a realtor to help sell your house fast in Kansas City.

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