How to Get the Best Price For Your House in Kansas City

Cash for homes is ideally the best option any home seller in Kansas City could go for as far as getting a home sold is concerned. Going for a cash home buyer is great, mainly for these top three (3) advantages that they offer:

1.) There will be no financing involved since you get paid cash

2.) You can close in as early as two weeks with a professional cash home buyer

3.) The house can be bought as-is; no need for repairs or cleaning and no more showings!

Cash buyers are your best bet because they do not have agents or appraisal requirements like traditional home buyers do. They can close on a deal in as early as two weeks and can make the process of selling your home easier. As a result, it can also give you more money to spend on things that matter after the sale of your home.

Companies that offer cash for homes in Kansas City do their own appraisal (and repairs if needed) since they can buy houses as-is in any condition making the close much quicker than other types of buyers which means you could be out from under your old place sooner than you think!

How to Get the Best Price For Your House in Kansas City

How to Get the Best Price For Your House

Briefly ahead is a guide on how to get the best price for your house in Kansas City in order to get it sold quickly. Cash for homes in Kansas City is definitely a great way to get cash quickly and make sure you don’t pay more on agent fees and other closing costs than necessary. So setting the right price range on your house is key to having plentiful home buyers competitively making offers on it.

Make Use of Automated Valuation Models (AVM) Online

If you find meeting up with a real estate agent first thing in selling your home to be quite a commitment already, you can opt for valuation tools online. These real estate valuation tools or better known as Automated Valuation Model (AVM), can give you comps (close estimates) of the current value of your home.

The accuracy of the comps that these AVMs give out may not be as in-depth as the value that professional real estate firms and agents provide you since they use their own professional AVM tools that make use of “confidence scores” in their valuation, though the comps still supply significant approximations of what you can expect from your home’s value.

Any cash for houses company will provide you with cash offers for your house, but it is important to note that since cash buyers can close on the deal quickly, try not to accept the first offer that comes your way and hold off until you have found a buyer of your property who has the right cash (or money) and can bid the highest value on your asking price.

Do a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

The second more informative aspect you can do to find out your home’s value and gauge how you can price your home right is to ask a local and experienced listing agent to run a Comparative Market Analysis or CMA on your property.

CMAs, like AVMS, are tools that real estate agents utilize to gather essential information on any given property so they can arrive at a reasonable listing price. However, a CMA may not provide highly detailed appraisals like how appraisal firms do, but CMAs do supply agents needed valuations about the home and behavior of the housing market in that area whenever needed.

Tip: A local real estate agent can offer you a CMA for a minimal fee or no cost at all. However, bear in mind that they may be doing so in the hopes of getting hired as your selling agent and may lead you down the listing agent route in selling your home.

Compare with the FHFA House Price Index Calculator (FHFA)

On top of AVMs and CMAs, you can avail yourself of the Federal Housing Finance Agency House Price Index Calculator to further compare estimates on the value of your home.

FHFA House Price Index Calculator KC Property Connection | We buy houses for cash in Kansas City

The FHFA calculator runs on the “repeat sales method” where it goes over mortgage activities that go as far back as 30 years or so on properties. It also looks into conforming home mortgages and pieces together a house’s market value over the years from one transaction to the next.

With the information gathered, the FHFA HPI calculator then draws its estimates to show you how your house has appreciated over time through changing market trends in the area.

Do note that this tool may not be as fully up-to-date in keeping track of today’s ever-changing real estate trends as compared to other online home valuation tools. Yet it is still a worthy tool to check out when you want to know how to price your home. The more comps you can compare, the better your asking price will be.

Time to Find a Knowledgeable Local Appraiser

Now that you have an idea of how you can do your own home valuation, here are some practices that you about when you ask a local appraiser to help you with the value of your home.

Ask your lender to connect you to a local appraiser

If your house is currently mortgaged, ask your lender to connect you to a local appraiser to help you get a precise value in pricing your home up for sale.

Connect to a local appraiser

Once you get the details to your local appraiser, make sure to connect with them at a convenient time where you can fully discuss the current status of your house.

Possible questions that your appraiser may ask:
      • Does your house need repairs?
      • Have you encountered any pest problems?
      • Are there any leaks in the house?

These sorts of questions may be asked of you when you speak with your appraiser so it is always agreeable to find a peaceful time for discussion.

Thank your lender and your local appraiser

Thank your lender for connecting you to a local appraiser. Your lender may not think much of it and how it is all part of their day’s work, but your little act of thanking them for connecting you to a local appraiser goes a long way because it continues to get you on their good side, especially now that you are in the period of selling your home.

Your appraiser will also appreciate this small act of appreciation and may find it easier to work with you in the process. You may even stand out in their books!

Now that you have had a quick walk-through on how you can do your own home valuations and what to do when hiring an appraiser, we hope that this guide has given you much light on how to best price your home. There are so many trusted valuation tools available online that these are just some of the ways on how to get the best price for your house in Kansas City. Utilize those tools so you can arrive at a comfortable price point on your house, and know that there are professional companies like KC Property Connection who offer cash for homes in Kansas City and can buy your house as-is.

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