8 Easy Tips in Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

Before calling in professionals to get any home improvement done, there are some simple things you can do on your own to make your Kansas City home ready for sale on the market. You may not think that the small changes you start on your own will make a difference, but they can! Listed below are 8 easy tips in getting your home ready to sell so you can kickstart your home selling process and save up on professional service costs.

8 Easy Tips in Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

Open houses are so important in marketing your home to potential buyers so keeping it pristine will minimize your cleaning time to a good extent. That is why sellers should prepare their homes in viewing condition at all times while they are in the period of selling a home. Get things started with any of our tips below:

Tip #1: Declutter Your Home

The first thing you can do to get your house ready is by doing every bit of decluttering on your own. This can save you top dollar, too, before having to hire a professional to do improvements right away. Getting your house ready can simply start by removing as much clutter from your home as possible, you can even start with just the living room first. Then you can move on to deep cleaning areas and surfaces that need tending to the most. Preparing your home for sale includes taking away most, if not all, personal items like family photos, clothing, toiletries, and other distinctive items that are too visually striking to have in any room of your Kansas City home for sale.

Cash home buyers in Kansas City are always on the hunt for homes that have been well-maintained and have been decluttered thoroughly. If you have a lot of items in storage, now is the best time for you to check them out and decide whether to toss or donate those items piled up at home.

Even if you do not plan on selling your Kansas City home right away, decluttering is a great way to get organized and it helps save you precious cleaning time before you sell. Keep it up!

Tip #2: Clean Out Closets

If you are still holding off on selling your Kansas City home, keeping closets and/or cabinets clean and in order is always a good idea. Always! Do not make a habit out of putting away or storing things in the closet just to keep them out of sight because there is still some storage space – you are only making room for things to slowly pile up. If you can donate old clothes and items you no longer use or wear, you will not only make more space in your closet, but you will also help put clothes on people’s backs.

Doing this in advance will surely save you a lot of effort and future cleaning when it is time for you to move out. Start keeping your closet and/or cabinets free from unwanted clutter that you will eventually toss out anyway. You never know what might come up in the future! Do not forget to declutter the garage, too!

Tip #3: Pick Paint Colors Wisely

Neutral colors are the way to go for Kansas City homes on the market. In fact, many Kansas City home buyers prefer to see white or off-white walls to match their current style and furniture pieces. Having themed walls make it rather hard for homebuyers to imagine where their furniture will go when they join showings and what we want is for them to fully envision living in any of that space. A fresh coat of paint can be done first thing before you list your Kansas City house, so if you are planning on repainting the walls, go for neutral colors!

Tip #4: Make Minor Repairs

This includes replacing light bulbs and making sure that all appliances work well before putting your house on the market. Clean out the grout, clean out the gutters, lubricate squeaking hinges, and check that doorknobs and drawers work. These often get overlooked by sellers but if you make certain they are in working condition, you will surely be able to help price your house right with all these minor details considered.

Tip #5: Get Rid of Excess Furniture

A lot of home buyers require seeing a home with a lot of functional space, and staging your home the right way can undoubtedly achieve this. Your house needs to be extra clean and tidy for showings so homebuyers can realistically visualize their own items in place. Again, decluttering your home can go a long way when it comes to preparing it for showings.

See items in your house that no longer serve any purpose? Toss it or donate it. The more items you can get rid of, the easier it would be to sell your house.

Tip #6: Step Up Your Kitchen Game

You would basically need to step up your kitchen game a notch if you want to sell your house fast in Kansas City, because selling your house means selling your kitchen, too! The best of your efforts can be put into guaranteeing your kitchen looks pleasing to the eye; that it is functional, and it has that flowing space that the potential buyer can effortlessly imagine themselves being in. Dated kitchens are prone to having buyers negotiating for a lower asking price all because the current state of it is not to their liking.

There are tons of remodeling ideas to market your home (and kitchen) which can include upgrading your appliances (which you do not necessarily have to go overboard for if it is not within your home improvement budget). Though upgrading appliances may come with a price, it can well pay off on your price point where results will most likely be how much you want your house to sell for.

Tip #7: Clean Your House Top-to-Bottom

Bring out the bleach solution and other deep clean products formulated for safe home use. Heavy stains and dirt spots can easily put off any potential buyer during showings and you want your house to be just that: spotless, spick and span, and ready for a home buyer’s scrutiny at any time. Staging is key and in short, clean your house from top-to-bottom and keep surfaces clean at all times!


Tip #8: Clean Out Pet Areas

While you are doing a thorough cleaning of your home, make sure you check on areas where your pets often stay. Vacuum furs out of pillows and other fabrics where their hairs are often visible, keep their food bowls and toys out of sight on days you have scheduled showings. Spray sanitizing solutions that help remove pet odors – those dirty areas often just need more cleaning. Most importantly, have a habit of easy upkeep at home where you do not have so much to keep later on.

Bonus Tip: Call Cash Home Buyers in Kansas City

Calling Kansas City home buyers like KC Property Connection can get you cash for your home, have them buy it as-is when you meet the requirements, and let them do all the necessary repairs and updates needed on your Kansas City house if you want to sell fast and easy. Let professionals take care of the repairs after the sale of your home and all you need to do to get started is by doing any of the 8 easy tips in getting your home ready to sell.

Local and professional cash home buyers in Kansas City like KC Property Connection can shorten the selling process than most MLS can and can pay you close to market value asking price, which will give you more time, more money, and less stress when it comes to putting in an offer on your home!

Want to skip all of this hassle and contact experienced home buyers in Kansas City instead? Talk to us. KC Property Connection can help you get your cash offer started today.

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