5 Benefits of Accepting a Cash Offer on a House in KC

If you are selling your house, you’re probably familiar with how frustrating it can be to go through appraisals and other requirements to allow buyers to secure financing. Not only can this be a lengthy process, but it can also be nerve-wracking to wait and see if their bank will come through and frustrating if this doesn’t happen. 

If you are a home seller on a timeline or simply hoping for an uncomplicated sale, you may be interested in the benefits of accepting a cash offer on a house. You might be wondering, what is a cash home buyer? Just as it sounds, it is someone who fully pays for a home in cash without a loan. Cash offers have many positives and not many negatives, regardless of your house selling situation. 

Keep reading to learn the top reasons you should consider a fair cash deal for your home in Kansas City. 

Cash Home Buying Process in Kansas City

Cash Home Buying Process in Kansas City

If there is a cash offer on your house and you’re wondering just what the process entails for cash home buyers, let’s take a look. 

Although it can take a long time to save up, you will avoid mortgage interest in the long run and have minimal monthly housing costs. The buying process is also a lot less complex than financing. 

If you’re considering selling a house for cash, here’s what the buying process looks like:

1. Cash Home Buyers Get Their Money Together 

The initial step to selling your house for cash is to ensure that the buyers have the necessary money. Maybe they’ve got sufficient cash sitting in a bank account. However, if their money is in different spots, such as stocks or money market accounts, they’ll need to cash those out and gather the cash. 

Keep in mind that accepting a fair cash offer on your house means taking the hard-saved money of the buyers. This is no minor deal for cash home buyers!

2. Request Evidence of Their Assets from the Bank 

When you consider selling your house for cash, you want to know that the buyers are serious. You can ask for evidence of assets from their bank. The cash home buyers will often provide you with a letter from their bank confirming sufficient funds. 

3. Involving a Realtor or Settlement Specialist 

The buyers will not have to work with a loan agent, but they may still want to check that your home has a clean title and facilitate its transfer from the home seller to the buyer. 

Contingent on where the property is, the settlement specialist can do several things during the sale. They can be an independent third party to hold and move cash and complete the title search and transfer. 

4. Complete the Last Walkthrough 

Not long before the house closes, the cash home buyers will probably want to walk through the property to ensure it’s in the condition they expect. 

To prepare for this final inspection, ensure your house is clean, everything is there that ought to be, and don’t leave behind anything you wish to take with you to your new home. 

5. Close on Your Home

Since the buyers are not applying for a home loan, the time to close will be faster if you sell your house for cash in KC. 

Instead of taking the usual month or more, the closing can occur in a matter of days or weeks for a cash deal. Before the closing day, clearly establish with the buyer how you will accept the cash offer. Consider a cashier’s check or a wire transfer. Either way, make sure you are both in agreement.

6. Enjoy Your New Home

Selling your house for cash may be a bittersweet experience. You have enough money in the bank to buy another home – if you haven’t already – but you are leaving behind memories. 

Still, you can make new ones in your new home! After the cash sale comes the challenging but fun work of settling into your new home! 

With the extra cash from the sale, you may be able to use the money to make minor improvements or design changes to your new home.

Types of Cash Home Buyers in Kansas City

Many people choose to buy a home in cash for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common types of cash home buyers in Kansas City include:

  • Real estate investors who purchase homes, renovate them, then sell them (otherwise called “fix and flip”) or hold them as investment properties
  • Previous mortgage holders who’ve sold their home and are utilizing the revenue from that to purchase another home 
  • Retirees who use their investment or retirement funds to buy a home
  • Wealthier individuals who can afford to pay cash
Benefits of Accepting a Cash Offer on Your House

Benefits of Accepting a Cash Offer on Your House

Selling your house for cash in KC might not be the most common, but there are definitely some impressive benefits.

1. The Deal Gets Done Quicker

An essential contrast between cash and conventional home deals is that the former takes a lot less time to close. Most home sellers and buyers are used to a long closing process, and fulfilling all of the requirements for a mortgage is usually the cause of the delay. Additionally, you may need a home loan to be endorsed, and this protracted interaction takes between 30 and 60 days.

Unfortunately, much can happen over those few months. If the purchaser’s monetary circumstance shifts between the pre-endorsement and credit conclusion, the home loan lender may decline to offer an advance, and the whole deal can fall through. Financial troubles are a significant part of why some offers unexpectedly fail to work out. 

Conversely, a cash deal isn’t dependent upon contract guaranteeing, therefore saving time and reducing the danger of a failed arrangement. Whatever your reasons to sell your house, this is a huge benefit!

2. You Have the (Negotiating) Power

Without the involvement of a bank, you may have a greater ability to negotiate with buyers. Although most cash buyers will request an appraisal to ensure they are getting a fair cash deal, they don’t have to stay within the amount the bank deems the property is worth. If they want a home and can afford it, they may be willing to pay a premium.

In addition, some cash buyers are quite motivated to make a quick deal, especially if they plan to flip the property or use it as an investment. As a home seller, the faster and less complex closing process for a cash deal can also be attractive. So, both parties involved are often motivated to come to an agreement.

3. No Realtor or Commission Fees from Sale

Anyone who has bought or sold a home with a realtor knows that they get a cut from the sale. While the amount of commission varies, the seller usually covers these fees, so a cash closing that is simpler and utilizes less or no realtors can be a significant saving. 

Additionally, as cash deals require fewer inspections and appraisals since these are usually lender-mandated, the buyer may also save if they chose to forgo them.

4. You Can Sell Your House in Its Current Condition

In a conventional home deal, various inspections and appraisals are necessary to secure a loan. As a rule, you must either pay to fix any issues discovered or lower the asking price accordingly. 

You sell with no guarantees in a cash deal and may not need to make repairs before closing. Another perk is that you don’t even have to deep clean or stage your house in some cases.

5. Smooth House Selling

Selling your home can be both an exciting and nerve-wracking experience. Chances are, in addition to selling, you are probably moving and possibly also buying another place, meaning you have plenty on your plate. Many people find the added stress of dealing with the uncertainty of the real estate market unwanted in this time of change.

Receiving and accepting a cash offer can make the selling process much less complicated. In addition to fewer inspections, a quicker closing, and possibly no need for a realtor, you may be able to avoid the added work of cleaning, staging, and showing your home. When you’re already busy with the process of moving, this can be quite a relief!


Many home sellers prefer cash offers for various reasons, but most of them come down to a faster sale with fewer risks. Some sellers may choose a cash offer to a higher bid that includes conventional loan financing. Why? Because they understand a cash offer with evidence of available assets is more likely to close, takes less time, and has requirements for the seller.

If you are ready to sell or buy a home, consider the benefits of accepting a cash offer on a house and the benefits it can offer you. If you’re ready to make a deal but unsure where to start, check out our services where we buy houses in Kansas City.

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